The new procedure to manage infectious keratitis.



IONTOFOR-VET is an administration set designed to deliver products into the corneal stroma with IONTOPHORESIS in only 5 minutes.

IONTOPHORESIS is a process which increases the penetration of a charged substance into or through a tissue by application of a low intensity electric field.

IONTOPHORESIS for the delivery of corticoid in canine cornea

IONTOPHORESIS for the delivery of riboflavine
in feline cornea followed by UV-activation (CXL)



IONTOFOR-VET is a corneal applicator with an electrode that enables the rapid passage of products into the corneal stroma by application of a low intensity electric field (Iontophoresis).

iontoforvet device

Vacuum syringe

Corneal applicator
Inside diameter: 9 mm.
Reservoir volume: 2 ml (1 ml functional).

admin set-iontoforvet

IONTOFORVET Administration set

- Corneal applicator
Inside diameter: 9 mm.
Reservoir volume: 2 ml (1 ml functional).

- Ribovet solution
Riboflavin solution (0,1%)
Volume: 1,5 ml

- Vacuum syringe


FOAM Insert

An accessory useful for the treatment of standing animals, fragile corneas or extended lesions.

current gene

ION-CXL generator

OPIA Technologies also supplies ION-CXL, a reusable generator delivering 1 mA during 5 minutes.

Product subject to WEEE regulations concerning separate waste collection of electronic equipment
Class II device
European compliance (EMC standards and ROHS)
Applied part type BF
Manufacturing date (month/year)
Powered with standart 9v battery reusable

How to use


– 1 IONTOFOR-VET administration set.
– 1 hypodermic needle, sterile (not supplied).
– 1 blepharostat (not supplied).
– Generator, I-ON CXL® for veterinary use.

admin set-iontoforvet

Administration set

current gene

Direct current generator




  1. Patient under general anaesthesia, eye positioned horizontally.
  2. Blepharostat keeps the lids open.
  3. Insert the hypodermic needle subcutaneously at the temporal palpebral canthus or in the neck.


  1. Make sure the current generator ION-CXL® is switched off.
  2. Connect the current generator I-ON CXL® with the applicator and the return electrode (hypodermic needle).
  3. Position the applicator on the cornea and use the vacuum syringe to fix the applicator on the eye. Close the clamp.
  1. Fill the corneal applicator reservoir with solution until the level is above the mesh electrode.

      Soaking phase

  1. Turn on the current generator, choose 1 mA and press START.
  2. The procedure should last 5 minutes. Avoid touching the applicator during the procedure.
  3. At the end of the treatment, remove the solution from the reservoir.
  4. Open the clamp and remove the applicator from the eye. Disconnect the current generator from applicator and hypodermic needle. Take off the hypodermic needle from the patient.
  5. Rinse the patient eye with a saline solution.

Irradiation phase
(for CXL only)

  1. Proceed immediately with the irradiation using the UV-A emitter.
  2. Discard the corneal applicator, hypodermic needle and vacuum syringe according to standard operating procedures.


What means PACK-CXL ?
PACK means Photo Activated Chromophore for Keratitis. CXL means Cross-linking.
This term was defined at the 9th annual international CXL congress in 2013. In this procedure, the chromophores administered into the cornea are photo-activated with UV-A light and act as a disinfectant, reducing the pathogen load.

Which kind of animals can benefit of IONTOFOR-VET treatment ?
The device is adapted to most cats and dogs’ eye morphology. Studies are ongoing on other species. We can assume that the device is adapted for corneas with a diameter above 12,5 mm.

Is the administration set IONTOFOR-VET reusable?
No, the administration set IONTOFOR-VET shall be disposed after one use on a single eye. The direct current generator is reusable.

Is anesthesia needed?
Yes. Patient should be put under general anesthesia before treatment, with the eye to be treated to the horizontal, looking up.

Which electrical current shall be applied ?
The I-ON CXL generator was tailored to the procedure and delivers 1 mA for 5 minutes (or 0,5 mA for 10 minutes). The generator is reusable and supplied with a 9V battery.

Which UV- Light shall be used ?
The chromophore used is activated at a wavelength of 365 nm. The total dose of energy delivered shall be 5,4 J/cm2.

You have not found the answer to your question ?
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